18 Tasty Valentine Treats for School (2024)

Some of our fondest holiday memories often involve food. Can you imagine Christmas without cookies? Thanksgiving without turkey? So what better way to make Valentine’s Day special than by hitting the kitchen and whipping up some super-cute creations with your kids.

Of course, there are a few things to consider when creating Valentine’s Day snacks your little ones can then share with their classmates. Do they transport well? Are they easy to share with dozens of kids? Are they allergen-free? Whether you’re looking for healthy snacks, simple sweets or adorable munchies that’ll win over hearts, we’ve rounded up the best Valentine treats for school that everyone can enjoy.

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Healthy Valentine Treats for School

Does it feel like from Halloween until Easter, your kids are on one steady sugar rush? Take a break and opt for one of these healthy Valentine snacks for the classroom. Don’t worry—they may be wholesome, but these celebratory Valentine treats sure don’t skimp on tastiness or fun.

Conversation Cuties

It doesn’t get any cuter (or healthier) than conversation…fruit! Nicole at Mom Always Finds Out gives a nod to classic conversation hearts with these sweet Cuties (small, seedless mandarin oranges). Using a Sharpie marker, write a simple Valentine’s Day message on each piece of fruit—your kids will have a blast selecting the perfect Cutie for each of their friends.

Valentine’s Day Fruit Kebabs

From the Allergy Shmallergy blog comes these festive, two-toned fruit kebabs. Healthy, easy to assemble and too cute to behold, these Valentine treats are sure to steal the spotlight at any school party. Plus, moms of children with allergies will heart you for bringing something delicious that everyone can enjoy.

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Robot Snacks

Kids everywhere agree: Robots are cool. What’s even cooler? Vanessa at See Vanessa Craft has managed to transform those mechanical creatures into healthy Valentine treats for school, thanks to the ingenius use of juice boxes, applesauce and raisins.

Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

Did someone say healthy Valentine treats? Don’t tell the kids! Trust us—no one will be the wiser when they sink their teeth into these delectable strawberry oatmeal bars from Well Plated. With red strawberries mixed in and a white glaze topping, these bars wholly embrace the Valentine’s Day theme.

Fresh Fruit Pops

Did you know February is Heart Health Month? Kathryn at Mommy Kat and Kids has managed to pay homage to both holidays of the month with these fresh fruit pops, made with strawberries and bananas. You can even pop them in the freezer to make healthy Valentine treats for kids that taste like popsicles!

Healthy Snack Mix

No list of healthy Valentine treats for school would be complete without a more wholesome version of snack mix, and Wendy at Around My Family Table has pulled it off like a champ. She uses freeze-dried strawberries and yogurt-covered raisins to up the health factor in her yummy- looking mix. Head to her blog for the full recipe.

Easy Valentine Treats for School

When it comes to making Valentine snacks for the classroom, it’s totally fine to keep things simple. (Your sanity will thank us.) We’ve rounded up several adorable Valentine treats that you can easily pull off in just a couple of steps—and that’ll still have everyone clamoring for more.

Heart-Shaped Rice Krispy Treats

It’s hard to mess up Rice Krispy treats, right? Deanna at Honey + Lime keeps jazzes up these easy Valentine treats for school with chocolate dip and festive sprinkles. Learn how to make them on the blog.

Cherry Cheesecake Dip

For an impressive but simple Valentine’s Day snack, try this gorgeous Cherry Cheesecake dessert dip, brought to you by See Vanessa Craft. It features marshmallow cream—something no kid can resist—topped with cherry pie filling. Your child’s classmates will love scooping up this red-and-white confection with fruit and graham crackers.

Chocolate-Dipped Watermelon Pops

Kiddielicious Kitchen brings us these chocolate and watermelon pops—two kid-favorite ingredients. Top them with holiday-themed sprinkles or keep it healthy with coconut flakes or crushed cereal. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with these easy Valentine treats for school.

Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops

Jessica at Time Out With Mom has come up with a recipe for stunning—and surprisingly simple!—chocolate-covered Oreo pops. No one will believe these are homemade; simply dip and decorate, and you’re ready to go. Get the recipe on the blog.

Heart Apple Pies

Searching for classy (but classroom-friendly) Valentine’s Day sweets that are effortless to make? Lindsay and Lauren over at Cupcake Chronicles have created these mini heart-shaped apple pies that kids and teachers are sure to love. And don’t worry—they look gourmet, but these easy Valentine treats for school are a snap to make!

Valentine’s Day Popcorn

Need some cupid-worthy popcorn for your child’s school Valentine’s Day party? Robin at Mom Foodie has you covered. It’ll take you no time to whip up this festive Valentine’s Day popcorn mix—and kids will go crazy for the red and pink candies and chocolate drizzle.

Cute Valentine Treats for School

If it’s Instagram-worthy snacks and sweets you’re after, don’t worry. From chocolate-covered strawberry characters to emoji fruit, these cute Valentine treats for school will impress even the most diehard of Pinterest moms.

Strawberry Love Bugs

These adorable (and pretty healthy!) strawberry love bugs from Wing It Vegan may take a bit more work than some of the other Valentine treats for kids on our list, but trust us, they’re worth it. Get the step-by-step tutorial on the blog.

Valentine’s Day S’mores

These heart-shaped S’more sandwiches are not for the faint of heart (they involve homemade graham crackers and homemade marshmallows), but they’re to die for. If you’re feeling ambitious and want your Valentine treats for school to be true showstoppers, these sensational snacks are a great option. Learn how to make them at Pretty in Pistachio.

Valentine’s Day Slice n’ Bake Cookies

When thinking about the best Valentine treat ideas for school, you can’t forget about cookies! Always a crowd-pleaser, cookies are classic for a reason. These slice n’ bake cookies are Valentine’s Day perfection, with pink hearts in the middle and festive sprinkles around the edges. Get the recipe from The First Year.

Emoji Fruit

We’re feeling all the feels about these love-struck emoji fruits, brought to you by What Moms Love. You can’t go wrong with these cute Valentine treats for school: They’re simple, healthy and totally nail the emoji expressions kids love so much.

Shortbread Heart Biscuits

We all know that kids eat with their eyes, so if you’re looking for a vegan treat that looks as good as it tastes, go for these beautiful shortbread heart biscuits from Sneaky Veg. Top with icing and heart-shaped sprinkles, and voilà—heart-meltingly cute Valentine’s treats for school!

Love Bug Fruit Cups

What’s the key to a child’s heart? Creative, fun food! With their googly eyes and heart-shaped feet, these adorable love bug fruit cups from The Melrose Family are one of our favorite Valentine treats for kids. Learn how to assemble these cuties on the blog.

Published February 2018

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18 Tasty Valentine Treats for School (2024)


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