My Honest Thoughts After Shopping Selfie Leslie For 3+ Years - 33rd Square (2024)

Have you heard of Selfie Leslie? If you‘re obsessed with keeping up on Instagram fashion like me, there‘s no doubt their name and super cute dresses have graced your feed before.

With over 600k followers and counting, this California-based brand made a name for themselves serving up affordable takes on viral styles from the Kardashians and TikTok.

But are their pretty clothes and accessories actually worth it in real life? Can Selfie Leslie compete with fashion giants like Revolve and Shein?

As someone who has ordered from them at least 20 times over the past 3 years, I wanted to share my genuine thoughts in this review…including the ugly truths.

Consider me your Selfie Leslie guinea pig! By the end, you‘ll know exactly whether to shop them for your own closet.

My History Of Shopping At Selfie Leslie

I first stumbled upon Selfie Leslie back in 2018. At the time I was fresh out of college and could barely afford H&M…let alone the $200+ outfits celebrities wore!

Once I discovered Selfie Leslie on Instagram though, it felt like glam fashion sense for the non-rich. Their dresses with corset bodices, cowl necklines and tutu skirts reminded me so much Dôen and Reformation. But cost a fraction of the price at just $50-100 per piece.

I decided bite the bullet and ordered 3 items with overnight shipping for a wedding I had that weekend. And honestly? I ended up loving each piece! The quality felt super nice for such affordable pricing.

Since then, Selfie Leslie became my go-to for nights out, parties, vacations, date attire…you name it. Anytime I crave cute new clothes without maxing out my credit card, they always come through with so many stylish options under $150.

Just last week for instance I picked up two new summer dresses, an off-the-shoulder top and sparkly bag for an upcoming beach vacation. And I still paid less than I would for ONE item at Anthropologie or Free People!

So in short – yes over 3+ years I turned into a loyal Selfie Leslie stan. But it hasn‘t all been perfect…

The Good: Why I Keep Shopping Selfie Leslie

Here‘s an honest glimpse at the pros that keep me coming back again and again:

Affordable Prices – Compared to popular Instagram brands like Revolve, Nasty Gal or Princess Polly…Selfie Leslie offers similar looks for cheaper. Most items cost $50-150.

Trendy Styles – They quickly replicate viral fads spotted on celebs and TikTok. So I can afford all the trendy pieces I lust after on social media!

Flattering Fit – I‘m petite with curves and often struggle finding flattering silhouettes. But Selfie Leslie‘s stretchy fabrics and feminine cuts suit my body type perfectly.

Quick Shipping – Located in LA, orders arrive FAST with standard 3-5 day delivery. I once had a dress shipped overnight to make it in time for a wedding!

Easy Returns – Returns are free within 30 days if the item is unworn with tags attached. Their customer service team handles quickly with refunds issued to original payment.

Cute Packaging – My orders always arrive wrapped in pretty tissue paper with branded stickers, ribbons and a thank you note. Such a nice touch!

Timeless Pieces – Not everything is super trendy. Some styles like their cowl neck midi dresses I can wear for years without looking outdated.

Frequent Sales – They offer 20-30% off sitewide several times a month! Combined with $10 welcome vouchers for signing up…the deals here are awesome.

The Not-So-Good

However, over years of shopping Selfie Leslie plenty of annoyances popped up too.

Here‘s an honest glimpse of the downsides newcomers should watch for:

Inconsistent Sizing – The size charts aren‘t always accurate. And because most clothes come from overseas factories, fits vary wildly across styles. I own pieces ranging from XS to L!

Sheer Fabrics – Lots of their tops and dresses look opaque on the model pics but end up being pretty see-through IRL. Be prepared to wear slips underneath.

Longer Shipping Times – While 3-5 days is their average…sometimes orders took 1-2 weeks in transit during sales when warehouses get backed up.

Questionable Quality – Not everything withstands tons of wears and washes. Some shirts and dresses I ordered pilled or ripped after 5-10 wears because the fabrics feel delicate.

Lack Of Plus Sizes – Selfie Leslie stocks XS-XL. But shoppers over size 14 unfortunately can‘t shop here.

Bait & Switch Issues – On 2 occasions my delivered items looked nothing like the pics online. One dress came in the wrong color entirely! Customer service resolved both issues but it was annoying.

Few Timeless Pieces – About 80% of their catalog chases trends that feel dated quickly. If you desire more versatile closet staples, this isn‘t the best brand.

Steep International Shipping – My friends from Canada and Europe complain about spending $30+ for delivery. So international customers should consider costs.

Top 5 Bestselling Items From Selfie Leslie

As you can tell, I clearly have strong opinions about Selfie Leslie as a longtime shopper!

Now let me break down 5 of their top selling dresses and pieces that I adore most. I‘ll also include my tips on how to wear each item so you can recreate their glam Instagram vibes:

Frieda Midi Dress

The Frieda midi dress remains permanently in stock due to sky-high demand…and for good reason! This style flatters literally everybody.

Details like the cowl neckline, front slit and ribbed fabric hug your shape beautifully. Meanwhile, the long sleeves and conservative length keep things office-appropriate.

I own this dress in 3 colors and constantly receive questions on where it‘s from whenever I post pics wearing it on social media!

How To Style It:

The Frieda works perfectly on its own with flats or chunky sneakers for weekend brunch. But you can also layer it for more formal events.

Throw a sharp blazer or leather jacket on top with some barely-there heels if you want to transition this look from day to night!

Bambi Mini Dress

What list of bestsellers would be complete without the quintessential LBD? Cue Selfie Leslie‘s Bambi dress!

With the price tag under $100 and so many glowing reviews…I finally caved and ordered this popular pick last Valentine‘s Day.

It arrived just in time for my romantic dinner out and wow – did it deliver! I felt like a total smokeshow but still classy. The neckline shows off your décolletage without exposing too much. And the ruching effect is seriously slimming.

I like pairing this sultry little number with simple black pumps and dramatic jewelry for date nights or co*cktails. But strappy heels and a sparkly bag would look so fun for clubs too!

Robyn Skirt

When summer rolls around, I basically live in midi skirts – they’re easy to dress up or down! My newest warm weather staple is Selfie Leslie‘s Robyn style.

It reminds me so much of skirts from Anthropologie selling for 5x the cost. But made of stretchy jersey material in the most vibrant retro floral print that pops against tanned skin.

I love pairing this with crop tops or bodysuits on weekends. Then switching to dainty lace tops tucked in with wedges for attending weddings and events. Such a versatile piece!

Sequin Cowl Neck Dress

No Instagram babe‘s closet feels complete without at least one flashy sequin number. For your next glam night out, may I recommend Selfie Leslie‘s sequin cowl neck mini?

With over 500 perfect 5-star ratings, this bestselling style comes lined in a comfortable jersey beneath the sparkles so nothing shows through. The adjustable cowl neckline also lets you control how demure or daring you want the front to appear.

I suggest playing up the glitz factor pairing this dress with metallic shoes and jewelry! But it would look equally cute dressed down for music festivals with sneakers too.

Lace-Up Midi Dress

Last but not least – this lace-up midi dress makes heads turn whenever I wear it out!

The plunging neckline and open back definitely bring some sensuality. But the floral lace fabrics and long skirt length keep things relatively modest.

I wore this look with nude pointy heels to a black tie wedding recently and got flooded with questions from guests wanting to copy it!

You can also tone it down pairing the dress with sandals and a jean jacket for attending bridal showers or garden parties daytime. So versatile.

How Selfie Leslie Compares To Similar Brands

By now you probably want to know…sure Selfie Leslie seems cute, but how exactly do their clothes stack up against competitors in the fast fashion space?

Let‘s compare them to giants like Shein, Nasty Gal and Fashion Nova:

Price – Across tops, dresses and bottoms Selfie Leslie runs $20-50 pricier on average. But far less than premium retailers like Revolve or Nordstrom.

Quality – Definitely a notch above Shein and Fashion Nova with better fabrics that look more luxe. But occasional quality control issues persist.

Trend Focus – Keep pace with new styles rapidly like Nasty Gal. New arrivals every day!

Basics Selection – More limited here avoiduing wardrobe staples beyond the bestsellers highlighted.

Size Range – Unfortunately no inclusive plus size range leaving out tons of potential customers.

Sustainability – No specific eco-friendly or ethical business practices advertised. Fast fashion churn model persists.

In summary – shoppers pay a small premium for upgraded design and quality compared to fast fashion basem*nt pricing. But likely not 100% ethically produced goods.

Interviews With Other Selfie Leslie Customers

Since my thoughts could be biased as a longtime fan…I asked other real customers for their honest opinions too!

Here‘s feedback from 3 Selfie Leslie shoppers I interviewed:

Sarah N. (student): "Cute clothes that help me recreate celebrity outfits on a budget! Pieces are very trend-driven though and often don‘t withstand years of frequent wears."

Monica G. (full-time mom): "Their dresses run small and fabrics feel thin sometimes. But I keep coming back for special occasion outfits since the prices can‘t be beat. Customer service always fixes any issues promptly with returns."

Sophia R. (graphic designer): "I don‘t love everything I order but when Selfie Leslie wins they really WIN. My favorite floral midi from last summer got soooo many Instagram likes! Overall vibe feels young though catering to college-aged crowds."

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Pulling up external reviews paints a similar picture – the majority enjoy shopping Selfie Leslie for the most part but small quality inconsistencies persist.

Over 600 TrustPilot ratings average out to 4/5 stars with 75% leaving positive feedback.

Sitejabber shows 3.5/5 stars from 400+ reviews. Lower satisfaction typically cites sizing issues, thin fabrics or minor inaccuracies to product photos.

Final Verdict: Should You Shop At Selfie Leslie?

If you love chasing Instagram and TikTok fashion trends…but don‘t have an influencer budget…I definitely recommend giving Selfie Leslie a try!

Sure, some quality quibbles popped up over years as a loyal customer. Not every top or dress withstands tons of long-term wears. And paying extra attention to size charts is a must with varying fits.

But for cute statement pieces you‘ll likely only reach for a handful times per season anyway? You simply can‘t beat their prices and styles.

At just $50-150 per item on average, I happily accept some minor defects or inconsistencies. Because that affordable pricing means I can afford way more stylish clothes for parties, date nights, vacations and events without the costly dry cleaning!

So if you find a dress or top you love just as much as I adore my Frieda midi…take the plunge, order it up and have fun capturing attention on your own Instagram feed.

Just be sure to avoid paying full price by stacking their frequent site wide sales with coupon codes found online!

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My Honest Thoughts After Shopping Selfie Leslie For 3+ Years - 33rd Square (2024)


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