Roblox Rivals Tier List – All Weapons, Ranked (2024)


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Roblox Rivals Tier List – All Weapons, Ranked (2)

In a game like FPS games like Rivals, winning and losing a match entirely depends on the type of weapon you carry in your loadout. So, if you are new to the game and want to know the best guns, here is a list of levels mentioning the best and worst in the games.

Rival Primary Weapons List – Roblox

Below, I have mentioned all the best top guns in a tier list format. They are your core weapons in the game, and you will use them the most. So choose those according to your play style and ease of use.

SMinigun, Burst Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper
ABow, Paintball Gun, Grenade Launcher, Assault Rifle

S- Tier

  • A minigun: An automatic machine gun that can fire dozens of rounds of ammunition within seconds. You can easily hold angels in matches and even move while shooting. It is definitely a must-choice in all scenarios.
  • Burst Rifle: Fire three powerful blasts at enemies that can rip away nearly 60% of enemies’ HP. It is suitable for medium and short range maps.
  • A shotgun: The shotgun should be your go-to weapon if you like to move around a lot and fight up close, as you can quickly double pump everyone.
  • Sniper: If the gun is the go-to weapon for close range players, the Sniper is the best for long range players. Sit at the comfort of the base and connect that one bullet exactly needed to bring down your enemy.

A- Tier

  • A bow: The Bow is another great weapon in the game due to its range and damage stats. The only downside is that you can’t shoot while moving, and it takes a lot of time to master the weapon.
  • Paintball Gun: The Paintball Gun is a semi-automatic gun that can do insane damage from medium to long range. The other best part is that it is very light, providing a lot of mobility and movement speed to your character.
  • Grenade launcher: Launch grenades that explode and deal AOE damage to enemies. It’s very spammable, and works wonders in team-based scenarios. But for solo matches, I recommend other A or S level weapons.
  • Assault Rifle: This is the best weapon for newbies as it is free and has decent ranged damage stats to learn the basics of the game.


  • RPG: The RPG allows users to fire missiles from a long distance and works very similar to the Grenade launcher. However, the speed of the rockets is laborious, and opponents can easily avoid the attacks, unlike a Grenade Launcher.

C- Tier

  • Flamethrower: Spray flame on your opponent and set them on fire. It’s only helpful in team-based matches, and you have to be very close to the enemy to get the most out of the caster.

Rivals Secondary Weapons Tier List

Roblox Rivals Tier List – All Weapons, Ranked (3)

Secondary Guns are the real lifesavers in intense clutch scenarios. So, read the tier list below and equip the best secondary weapons at your disposal.

SExogun, Revolver
ASlingshot, Handgun
Bto use

S- Tier

  • Exogun: The Exogun is the best secondary weapon because of its insane AOE burst damage and range. It’s even better than some primary weapons like flamethrowers and RPG launchers.
  • revolver: The Revovler is another strong secondary weapon that is useful for mid-to-close combat. I recommend that all patch players use the gun and take full advantage of its potential.


  • slingshot: Although it may look like a dumb/troll weapon, the rate of fire is insane, and the Slingshot’s ammo can bounce off the wall. The only downside is the damage drop after a particular range.
  • Hand Gun: The default secondary weapon that is reliable and effective at all ranges.


  • to use: The notion of using an Uzi as a secondary weapon may sound deadly, but it has a tiny magazine size and is only effective in very close quarters situations.


  • Flare Gun: a very mediocre gun that doesn’t do much damage, and the flare projectiles take eons to hit the target. However, it is helpful for blocking side corners due to the smoke generated by the flare.

Rivals Melee Weapons Tier List

Roblox Rivals Tier List – All Weapons, Ranked (4)

Melee Weapons can be handy in select situations such as flanking. But they are still used mainly for cosmetic reasons. I’ve ranked the melee list below based on both cosmetic appeal and combat effectiveness.

STrowel, Katana
CFist, Chainsaw

S level

  • Troll: The Trulo is the most overpowered weapon in the entire game because it allows you to build walls, for example. So, whenever you run out of ammo in your main gun, put up a wall and stand in it until you reload your weapons.
  • Katana: The Katana is the best weapon in the melee category due to its ability to deflect projectiles. Also, it is quite a long blade and can deal damage from a relatively longer range compared to other melee weapons on the list.

A- Tier

  • scythe: The Scythe has insane ranges and damage numbers, and with that, it provides a lot of speed to the player while being light. So equip the Scythe and swing through enemies that deal a lot of damage.

B- Tier

  • Knife: A small blade that is decent for stabbing enemies up close.


  • a fist: The default melee weapon that is only good if you are close to your opponent.
  • chain saw: The Chainsaw also suffers from range issues as a flamethrower. It’s only good if the enemy is standing next to your character.

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Roblox Rivals Tier List – All Weapons, Ranked (2024)


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