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Posted 16 June 2024 by Ana Mitic

Updated: June 16, 2024

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One Piece is a series that I’ve recently got hooked on, so I did not hesitate to try Second Piece. Like in many games of this genre, your task is to fight enemies and level up, but with a twist of finding Devil Fruits as ability boosters.

Second Piececodes will provide you with handy items like rerolls. Redeem them while they’re still active because you’ll lose valuable goodies if you don’t! If you want to collect more Devil Fruits in a different game, check out our Haze Piece codes article and get the latest codes for that game as well.

All Second Piece codes list

Active Second Piece codes

  • !code UltimateCode—Redeem for 20 Race Rerolls (New)
  • !code LastShutdownRimuru—Redeem for Rerolls (New)
  • !code MaskFix—Redeem for 25 Race Rerolls and 10 Enchant Stones (New)
  • !code PleaseAquaGacha—Redeem for 25 Race Rerolls and 10 Enchant Stones (New)
  • !code Sorryyyyyyyy—Redeem for 25 Race Rerolls and 25 Enchant Stones
  • !Code UltimateMaintenance—Redeem for Rewards
  • !code StarrkIncrease—Redeem for Rewards
  • !code LastShutdownRealGn—Redeem for Rewards
  • !code Spirigunfix—Redeem for Rewards
  • !code StarrkLimitedUpdate—Redeem for 10 Enchant Stones
  • !code shutdowntrip—Redeem for Rerolls
  • !code DataLoadFix—Redeem for 5 Enchant Stones (lvl 6,250 required)
  • !code UpdateSuperSuperSoon—Redeem for 10 Enchant Stones (lvl 8,500 required)
  • !code StarrkLimited—Redeem for 5 Enchant Stones (lvl 6,250 required)
  • !code EnchantStone—Redeem for 10 Enchant Stones (lvl 8,500 required)
  • !code SansTheSkeleton—Redeem for 25000 Gems
  • !code HotFixAlter—Redeem for Rewards
  • !code NoMoreBloodScythe—Redeem for Rewards
  • !code BloodQueenUpdate—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 8,500 required)
  • !code Alter—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code strangeFake—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code Hunter—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code Igris—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code KamishWrath—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code RaidJustice—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 8,000 required)
  • !code NoMoreAltForRaidCoin—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code Kokushibo—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code TripleShutdownEEE—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 8,500 required)
  • !code DoubleShutdownAta—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 8,500 required)
  • !code Clover—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 8,500 required)
  • !code ShutdownMahou—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code QualityOfLifee—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code PortalTicket—Redeem for Portal Ticket
  • !code Frieren—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code Viserys—Redeem for 15k Gems
  • !code Tywin—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code Mei—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code NeoOnLow—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code CID—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code HiguramaSoon—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code Draconic—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code Balerion—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code AegonTargaryen—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code damagebug—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls and 35k Gems (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code FirstMen—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code eddardstarrk—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code housetargaryen—Redeem for Race Reroll and 5000 Gems
  • !code gojoontop—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code chxmei—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code sukunaontop—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls
  • !code jjkupdatepart2isreal—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code techniquefromtheheianera—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code qualityoflife—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)

Expired Second Piece codes

  • There are currently no expired Second Piece codes.

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How to redeem codes in Second Piece

To redeem codes in Second Piece, follow our easy guide below:

  1. Open Second Piece in Roblox.
  2. Open the chat box in the upper-left corner.
  3. Input the code (as shown above) into the chat text field.
  4. Press Enter to grab your prize!

How to get more Second Piece codes

You should join theSecond PieceDiscordserver to fish out the newest Second Piece codes. However, if you want the best way to get all the upcoming codes, we offer a much simpler solution, which is to bookmark this article and return to it once in a while to check for the latest freebies.

Why are my Second Piece codes not working?

Be careful how you type Second Piece codes into the text box in the game. If you make typos, you will not be able to claim your prize. Copy/paste codes instead to avoid making mistakes.

Expiration dates are also something to look out for. If the error message keeps popping up even when your spelling is all correct, the code is quite likely outdated. Contact us, and we will look into this issue and update our guide.

Other ways to get free rewards in Second Piece

Apart from Second Piece codes, you won’t find any free rewards in-game right now. You can occasionally go through the official Discord to check for giveaways and special events that the developer might announce on there.

What is Second Piece?

Second Piece is an action-packed Roblox experience where you battle enemies and consume Devil Fruits to gain epic abilities. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s because this game is inspired by the beloved anime series One Piece. You can explore beautiful islands while accepting quests to gather XP and boost your character’s strength to become the strongest fighter and beat all your foes.

If you want to get the latest codes for other Roblox titles, check out the rest of our Roblox Codes section and claim more free goodies!

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