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  • Ep 2 RAW

    Please Find Her (02017)

    Please Find Her


    Can you find someone whom you saw once in the city with a population of 10 million people? A young man from Netherlands, Jan, flies 8000 km to Seoul in search of the girl he fell in love at first sight. He wanders into Itaewon, neighborhood known for its large population of foreigners and diversity, and meets unique Koreans, such as Jeong-nam, the legendary owner of restaurants in Itaewon, an oddball named Man-doo, and his beautiful stewardess sister, Ha-young, who go out of their way to help Jan find his love.

  • Ep 72 SUB

    Love Family (2013)

    Love Family

    Comedy, Romance, Family

    Wan Sheng Ren had accepted long ago the responsibilities and the parental interference that came along with his privileged life. Yet when it came to his marriage, he insisted on marrying the "little angel" girl from his childhood. His search for the girl led him to a family-operated inn, where he realized that recognizing his first love was more difficulty than he thought. Along with his personal assistant/bodyguard, Long Shi, they went undercover at the inn as their newest seasonal employees while they tried to figure out which of the women was his "little angel": A) Older sister Xu You Ai, tenacious slave master; B) Middle sister Xu You Qing, soft-spoken single mother; C) Little sister Xu You Meng, compulsive shopaholic; or D) Best friend Zhang Yin Yin, shameless man-eater.

  • Ep 20 SUB

    The Spectator (2023) (2023)

    The Spectator (2023)

    Crime, Investigation, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
    Hong Kong

    The external environment and the emotions of others are huge stimuli to the "highly sensitive" policewoman Yao Zi Ru, but her keen sense of touch can help solve the case.

    Before sin, most people were just "spectators." But there are more "perpetrators" than criminals in the world, because of cold violence, and emotional abuse... It's not a crime.

    Until they met the restaurant owner, Wang Mi Xi, who had the same empathy, and the two fell in love.

    The perpetrators who had been at large in the past were killed, and there were traces of burning sage next to their bodies. "Sage Killer" wants to purify the world. The policewoman pursued it freely, but she never thought that the killer was Mi Xi. Mi Xi does not want to be a bystander but uses extreme means. You can only make painful choices...


    Episodes: 20

  • Ep 5 RAW

    Kibougaoka No Hitobito (2016)

    Kibougaoka No Hitobito

    Drama, life

    Tajima lives happily with his wife Keiko, their daughter Mika and son Ryota in Tokyo. But one day, Keiko is found to have end-stage cancer and she passes away in a mere three months. Keiko was the sunshine of the family. Now that she is gone, there is a gaping hole in their hearts. Tajima tries to live as if nothing has changed and force smiles, but he soon realises that it is impossible. Then one day, his children suggest that they go to Kibougaoka, the town where Keiko grew up, and make a trip down memory lane. They end up making their way to Keiko's vacant old house. Tajima instinctively asks if they would like to live there. Mika and Ryota agree. And so, the Tajimas begin a new life at Kibougaoka, but..

  • Ep 11 SUB

    Thara Himalaya (2010) (2010)

    Thara Himalaya (2010)

    Bromance, Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance

    Fate leads Doctor Thipthara, or Nam, the youngest and only daughter of the quadruplets of the Adisuanrangsan Farm to meet and fall in love with Phuwanet. However, Nam believes that Phuwanet is just a worker on her farm although his real identity is that of the Crown Prince of Parawat. In an assassination attempt, Phuwanet was injured and was then sent to the hospital in which Nam became his attending doctor. In order to remain safe, Phuwanet feigned to have lost his memory. Nam is then faced with the struggle of loving Phuwanet and trusting that his love for her is also real because he is a Prince and she is only a doctor from the rural side of Thailand.

    How can a foreign girl like Nam can get through the barrier of Parawat's tradition to be with the man she loves? How will Prince Phuwanet get back to his country and claim back what is rightfully his?

  • Ep 13 SUB

    Echo (2023) (2023)

    Echo (2023)

    Investigation, Mystery, Novel, Suspense, Thriller, Web Series

    In the process of solving a murder case, female police officer Ran Dongdong accidentally discovers her husband has been renting a place in secret. The pressure is mounting as she tries to deal with the complex case and the possible betrayal from her husband, putting a strain on her mental health.

    Adapted from the novel "Hui Xiang" (回响) by Dong Xi (东西).

  • Ep 5 SUB

    I am a HERO: Hajimari no Hi (2016)

    I am a HERO: Hajimari no Hi

    Drama, Harem, Horror


  • Ep 12 SUB

    Who's The Murderer: Season 1 (2016) (2016)

    Who's The Murderer: Season 1 (2016)

    Comedy, Crime, Detective, Investigation, Mystery

    In a prologue, the cast is introduced to the settings and suspects of a murder case for the new episode. The cast then chooses their role in the episode, as a particular suspect or the detective. Other than the detective, each person is given detailed information about the suspect they are portraying including their personalities, alibi, relationship to the victim and other suspects, history, criminal motive, etc. Every suspect can conceal information until explicitly questioned by other suspects or the detective, but only the criminal can lie.

Watch More Than Friends (2020) Episode 8 at Newasiantv (2024)


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